Create And Save 1000 Model Instance At Once

Hi I’m new to Yii&PHP

1)whensystem user create a Record in model A (table tbl_A) it and after $model->save(); I need to create a 1000 or more

record of Model B (table tbl_B)

now I’m calling a function from Acontroller




$this->gen_bs($count ,$aid);}


function gen_bs($count ,$aid){

for (i=0; i<$count ;i++){

$b= new B ;


$b->Aid = $aid ;



is this good idea or should I do something else

2)each record in B must have a unique& unpredictable code

is there is any thing in Yii that helps me with that


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(not related to a Yii Extension)

you can do it by triggers in database.

On the other hand, you should do it in a beforeSave() method of the model.