Create an empty project with yiic


I am very new to YII (coming from CodeIgniter) and still learning and doing small steps towards using it.

I have a book about yii and it explains very well the usage of yiic to generate a new project etc.

Now I asked myself: How can I create an empty project? After I use yiic I always find a simple web app in my project already. But can I create an empty one?

Maybe I am not patient enough and should read further to find out if it is mentioned in the book but maybe somebody can give me a short answer and tell me how.

Thanks for your help!


Default application is almost empty and you can delete files from it safely. There is no way (with yiic) to create totally empty application and it makes sense because empty application in Yii means index.php only.

Ok, thanks for this information. Then I can stop searching :)


here ya go:

"The minimum necessary site structure to run Yii"

Thanks, that’s a good start.

Thank you!