Create a Url for every entry in the table

Hi so lets say I have a business name in my table: business called = "Romano Pizza".

I’d like users to be able to type, Pizza

and it redirect the user and do the view(id) of that business.

I’m unsure how to do this, I would assume it has something to do with the url management thing.

You can do this as

with id and title

in your config/main.php in urlManager

you need to have things like as


This will do a url as

But if you want to have as

Then you need to have either a column named url which must be unique and urlManager as


But if you still would like to have the url as

without any new column in db, then do it like as, in UrlManager


in actionView as

        $title= Yii::app()->request->getQuery('title');

        $entry= Entry::model()->find("title='".$title."'");

Enjoy the way you want…