I’am not working with yii for a long time, but i already like such constructions like


For now i want to extend CPagination, and was surprised that i can’t put such code into dataproviders and gridview.

So i went to the source, and saw that params go to CPagination =(. May be i miss something? Or i need to use setPagination()?

Thanks for replies.

Is it CPagination that you really want to extend? I mean, isn’t it CLinkPager?

Actually there are both, because i want that CLinkPager shows select for size of the page, and CPagination take it into account, like it do with page number. I saw some examples for it in controllers, but i think this is not right because usually if you need it, you need it not only in one table. Also i saw some widget, but i don’t like it too, because i need to write a lot=). I want just change classes, and add some settings =) I already do it, but i need to write

$pagination = new Pagination();



//but i just want

new DataProvider('SOME_MODEL',array(






And as i understand for it i need to extend dataprovider.

I see.

I have also checked the source and I agree with you.