CPagination url problems

For some reasons CLinkPager (CPagination) on my testing server creates wrong links.

The url of the page is "", but the links CLinkPager creates are:

  1. The very first page: "[color="#8B0000"]search/results/q/[/color]search/results/cn/sometext"

  2. The second page: "[color="#8B0000"]search/results/q/[/color]search/results/cn/sometext/page/2", etc.

The highlighted part of the url is not supposed to be there. On the production server everything works fine though.

Production server: nginx + apache + PHP 5.2.13

Testing server: nginx + PHP 5.3.3 (with PHP-FPM)

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Ok, the problem was with my server (nginx) configuration.

Sorry for creating this topic.