CPagination pageVar not working

I have this

$pags = new CPagination($count);

$pags->pageSize = 10;


$pags->pageVar = 'pagina';

The URL is blog?pagina=2 and it doesn’t work, it stays on the first page. If I comment the pageVar line the URL is blog?page=2 and everything works.

Any ideas why it isn’t working?

I use this to display the last page by default - after the dataprovider was created:

$pager = $dataProvider->pagination;

$pager->itemCount = $dataProvider->totalItemCount;

$pager->currentPage = $pager->pageCount;

Maybe you can change the last row to something like:

$pager->currentPage = Yii::app()->request->getParam('pagina', 1); // Default to page 1 if 'pagina' is not in url