Cpagination and Ajax

hi i have problems regarding with pagination.

here is my code

for controller

    $dataProvider = new CActiveDataProvider('User', array(








for view users

$this->widget('zii.widgets.CListView', array(




and for _user

<?php $viewid = $data->iduser; ?>

<tr id="tr<?php echo $viewid; ?>">

<td><?php echo CHtml::encode($data->idstatus0->type); ?></td>

<td><?php echo CHtml::encode($data->iduser_type0->type); ?></td>

<td><?php echo CHtml::encode($this->displayDate($data->date_added)); ?></td>

<td><?php echo CHtml::encode($this->displayDate($data->date_lastlogin)); ?></td>

<td><?php echo CHtml::ajaxLink($text, $this->createUrl('admin/deleteuser',array('id'=>$data->iduser)), array('success'=>"js:function(html){ $('#tr{$viewid}').remove(); }"), array('confirm'=>_t('Are you sure you want to delete this user?'), 'class'=>'delete-icon','id'=>'x'.$viewid)); ?></td>


if i have 15 rows in a database it will only show 10 and will generate a pagination for next 5. The first 10 rows has no problem with the ajaxLink because the clientscript was generated but problem is the when I move to the next page, the ajaxLink is not working because its not generated by the pagination .

any idea? thanks

Generally I would advise you for ajax links and buttons to use separate jquery code and not the built in yii javascript. On the side why are you assigning a variable like

<?php $viewid = $data->iduser; ?>

when you can use

<tr id="tr<?php echo $data->iduser; ?>">

… just curious :)

I think you may need to use either the jQuery delegate() or on() function for this to work (depending on the version of jQuery you are using)

So you will need to modify your code to use one of these functions so that it can work on any dynamically created elements.