Couponic Script Problem

Hi please i need some help i have issues in Couponic script

i can’t upload slide show i get error 500 & error HTTP

i cant upload or active the slide show

please help

i attach photo for issues

Hey John,

First of all you need to clarify which exactly error happens.

Looks like some error isn’t handled properly in the code, so you don’t receive a relevant error message.

I understand this is a bit vague advice. Don’t know if you’re up to digging into the code to look for the error :).

Hi John,

You should actually post this on Couponic’s forum. Couponic is an extended framework with Yii as its base. The issue you are reporting is not specific to Yii. It is related to the Uploadify Widget Couponic uses. There are some reported issue between the Flash Uploader that Uploadify is and some server’s Apache configurations. It has a tendency to through security errors that should be white listed. Please visit the Couponic Forum and you will find some answers and help there.

Hello @ John Samer,

                If you haven't got any solution till now regarding your question then i think i am able to solve your problem 

    just attach your code(not entire code) where you think its a bug in this line.