Couponic (based on Yii Framework) not show all deals in all deal page

I got lots of deal running , but all of them is not shown on all deal page, only maximum 5 but why?

In side deals all deals are shown , but thats not nice :confused: i need them on all deal page like it must be :confused:

There is all deal script:

<div class='allDeal'>

	<div class='date'><?php echo app()->locale->dateFormatter->formatDateTime(

		utime($data->start,false),'medium',false); ?></div>

	<div class='content'>

		<div class='name'><?php

			echo CHtml::link($data->name,url('/deal/view',array('url'=>$data->url)));


		<div class='clearfix prepend-top'>

			<div class='column data'>

				<div class='stats txt-center'>

					<span class='num'><?php echo $data->stats && $data->stats->bought?$data->stats->bought:'0'; ?></span><br />

					<?php echo $this->t('Coupons Bought'); ?>


				<div class='info prepend-top'>

					<div class='row price'>

						<label><?php echo $this->t('Price').':'; ?></label>

						<?php echo m('payment')->format($data->price); ?>


					<div class='row'>

						<label><?php echo $this->t('Value').':'; ?></label>

						<?php echo m('payment')->format($data->value); ?>


					<div class='row'>

						<label><?php echo $this->t('Savings').':'; ?></label>

						<?php echo m('payment')->format($data->value-$data->price); ?>




			<div class='column last image'><?php


					echo CHtml::link(








if($index && ($index+1)%2==0)


	?><div class='clearfix'></div><?php


Removed because I have no knowledge of Couponic.

Here is couponic Class Reference

There on my site is still some unknown issue, i got now 2 pages of deal, 1st page has 5 deals on it second 6 = 11 , current deal is 12, the 12 deal is not shown.

When deals is only 10 there is no second page to wiew only first page whith 5 deals, when add 11 deal , second page shows up, i just don’t get it why is that :confused: