Cookie Overly Broad Path Detected

Dear all,

I am facing issue while creating cookie path to show in ibrowser’s inspect cookie section.
3 different position I applied the changes :

1: While appling to global in php.ini cookie path / to /myapplicationname
PHPSESSID is not getting generation in cookie & getting session expired error

2: While appling it in main.php session-cookieparams path - Againg getting PHPSESSID not generating in cookie section

3: While appling it in framework’s CHTTPCookie.php it creates path but PHPSESSID cookie is generating in each login & result is multiple PHPSESSIDs & it confused to pick finally it is giving 400 error.

I am using PHP 5.6 version & application is in subdomain, so it raised not to save path in root (i.e /) but in /subdomain.

If anyone help me for same.