Cookie fails to save

(B3atb0x) #1

I hate to ask dumb questions, but i can’t to figure this one by myself :blink:

The thing is - application won’t store a cookie if it has an ‘expire’ property set.

The code i’m workin’ on is quite simple and yet - not working. Is it some kind of Yii bug?

$cName = '1_2vf';

$valueSet = 'test';

$cookieSet=new CHttpCookie($cName,$valueSet);

$a=intval($this->determineCookieLifetime()); // returns valid future timestamp, but anyway - "$a=time();" doesn't work either


$cookieSet->expire = $a;



That piece of code won’t send any cookies to client browser, but it it works just fine if no ‘expire’ property is set - but this is not something i can bear with because cookie will be gone as soon as browser session is closed.

Help me, please!

(Maurizio Domba Cerin) #2

What is the code of determineCookieLifetime()…

Fot the cookie duration you should use time() + time duration

for example 1 day is time() + 86400 (24 hours * 60 minutes * 60 seconds)

(B3atb0x) #3

Thank you! It actually was that i forgot to add time() to my timestamp calculations. Well, it’s always a bad idea to code for 6-7 hours straight :) Thanks! B)

(Maurizio Domba Cerin) #4

You’re welcome!