Converting Psd-Html To Yii

With my understandings of the Yii Framework and the security it provides, I am planning to develop a complete website using it. However I am unable to find any online resource which provides a detailed tutorial regarding the steps needed to convert a HTML/CSS webpage into a Yii Theme.

Even if there aren’t any such resources available, it would be great if anyone could list me the steps involved when creating a Yii Theme from an existing HTML/CSS design

almost no action needed for this purpose, yii’s layouts are pure html and css at most parts, just take a look at layouts that gii generates and you will get it

No the code which is generated by Gii is not in HTML format, but rather PHP as,

<?php echo $form->labelEx($model,'username'); ?>

 <?php echo $form->textField($model,'username'); ?>

these are form components but you said a Yii theme and layouts are essence of a theme if you look at main layout for example you can see it’s almost pure html

you can convert any html template into yii layout the stepts need for this conversion are easy and clear and by looking at default layouts you’ll learn it.

for start, you just need a <?php echo $content; ?> in your html content to make it work.

I am not a designer and do not know about conversion technique. But if you are looking for any type of conversion method then I can suggest you a website which can provide you the same called They generally called psd to convert visit their website.