Convert Cphpauthmanager To Cdbauthmanager


I’ve taken over a project from another development team and the initial team used CPhpAuthManager. This works well but the project I’m working on involves many users signing up for the site and this puts auth.php in a constant state of flux, which doesn’t work well with the process in place for svn deployment.

So I have two questions

  1. The easy way out is to ask how others have managed the auth.php file with regards to deployment between dev, qa and prod environments


  1. Is there a path for changing from CPhpAuthManager to CDbAuthManager? Since the site hasn’t launched yet I do have the flexibility of not needing to worry about a conversion per se but if that exists it would be nice.

Thank you,


Are you using some RBAC Manager? or RBAC purely?

Whatever the answer is, I think a “yii-migration” is needed or a command for that purpose where you iterate each authItem and authAssignment and you move it . I’m not sure that “quick way” or workaround exists.

I believe just RBAC purely.