Convert A Dropdown To Links

Hello, I have followed this guide to be able to change the language in my application. The guide creates a dropdown to change to language, but I want links instead. How can I do that?

This is the view: (components/views) langbox.php

<?php echo CHtml::form(); ?>

    <div id="langdrop">


        <?php echo CHtml::dropDownList('_lang', $currentLang, array(

            'sv' => 'Svenska', 'en' => 'English'), array('submit' => '')); ?>


<?php echo CHtml::endForm(); ?>

This is the file under components that creates a widget, langBox.php


class LangBox extends CWidget


    public function run()


        $currentLang = Yii::app()->language;

        $this->render('langBox', array('currentLang' => $currentLang));