Convention for multi-word names of views

I’ll like to discuss the convention for multi-word names of view files and view directories?

Let’s say we have a controller PostCommentController and action actionReadAndReview().

The URL would look like /post-comment/read-and-review/1

Then the view file and directory can be named in one of the following ways:

  1. app/views/postComment/readAndReview.php

  2. app/views/post-comment/readAndReview.php

  3. app/views/postComment/read-and-review.php

  4. app/views/post-comment/read-and-review.php

I tend to use the first option however in The Guide suggests to use the "lisp-case" for the directory:

The usage of camelCase for the view file names is used in the Yii 2 Advanced Project Template.

What convention do you use in your projects?

I know that naming of views doesn’t have any serious impact yet I like to have certain convention for all parts of my code.

I would welcome any opinion/reasoning.