Controllermap Not Working With A Variable


I have a multi-tenant webapp and it is designed in such in such a way that the first part of a url defines a client.

Ie: <client>/<controller>/<action>

The client determines the version of the webapp (including css and js) being loaded and which database to connect to.

I want to add a script to minify css and js so I installed minscript and added the following configuration:


'controllerMap'=>array( //need both so it doesn't freak out, _BASE=/client



   'minScriptComponentId'=>'clientScript',   ),



    'minScriptComponentId'=>'clientScript',   ),


	// application components








the css is minified (I see the file is created) and the url is output as <client>/min/etc… However the css is not loaded client side, and when you try to visit the min url you end up with view site/index. No css or js load. I tried to manually rewrite $_SERVER[“REQUEST_URI”] before yii is loaded to remove the client portion but it does not help. I can’t use htaccess because the client determines the version of the code to run and is used to check license validity.

Can anyone help me out with this or point me in the right direction?

Yii: 1.1.12