controller methods are not visible to yii2

If i add a new action method in a controller, yii can’t ‘see’ it.

for example, if i place in the controller for view openAccess.php located in the view’s site folder-

public function actionPublicAccess()


    return $this->render('openAccess');


if i then place the below url in the browser


i get these errors:

2017-06-18 20:17:53 [][-][f0238tg6ejclaupt4vrnlru6u4][trace][yii\web\Application::handleRequest] Route requested: ‘site/PublicAccess’

2017-06-18 20:17:53 [][-][f0238tg6ejclaupt4vrnlru6u4][trace][yii\base\Controller::runAction] Route to run: site/error

the same path works fine if i just replace publicAccess with about, login or contact- so the basic syntax is fine.

just started to use yii2 so perhaps doing something wrong that is really basic.


If you successful got the about page actionAbout()


you already have an hint on whats is wrong

Action name are CamelCase which are converted to all lowercase separated by ‘-’ --> camel-case

So in for your action actionPublicAccess() try