>> controller message helloWorld - No files created

OS X 10.6.x running MAMP

This worked:

YiiRoot/framework/yiic webapp yii1

Virtual host via MAMP "yii1"

http://yii1/ works find even lets me login at http://yii1/index.php?r=site/login

AND this said it worked but didn’t:

>> controller message helloWorld

but http://yii1/index.php?r=message 404

and http://yii1/index.php?r=message/helloWorld 404

xam$ find . -iname siteController.php


xam$ find . -iname MessageController.php


xam$ cd protected/views/message

-bash: cd: protected/views/message: No such file or directory

No error messages from yiic shell.

Thanks for any help.

Do read the guide:


Make use of Gii first.

Then, ask your questions.