Controller In Subfolder

I have a controller that is located in a ‘report’ subfolder as such:


Now when I try to call an action of the controller as such:


Firebug shows the following error:

Unable to resolve the request "labourPowerUtilization/UpdateAjax".

how to specify a subfolder in createUrl?

Please ignore this post, I found my problem, I guess I am working too many late hours… oh well

It would be prudent to leave a note explaining what was the problem. :)

Thanks. ;)

@jacmoe: sure, i understand, my apologies.

in the view that i was working on, i had two widgets that were making an ajax call like i described in my post, and i was looking at the wrong line of code :rolleyes: thinking all the while that i was making an error in the route that i was passing to the createUrl function

this is my first yii project and so it is all new and requires some extra attention…

i love yii

Good luck with Yii :)