controller and action mapping from urls

this is a feature of zend framework that i’d really like to see in yii.

the ability for this url


to map directly to

ThisIsAControllerController and the action function would be actionMyCustomAction

also if we could choose the separator as well. most likely a hyphen or a plus.

its my only gripe with yii otherwise its awesome.

That’s exactly what you can do with parameterized rules. See the reply to your other post.

thanks mike, but i wanted to do this without a route.

i have many many controllers that follow the camel case naming scheme. it still means i need 30 rules for 30 different controllers.

johnj, it is actually not the case.

By defining


you can have all 30 action mapped.

thanks for looking into this pestaa.

Mike clarifies this in my other post under "general discussion"