Controller and acion ids for multiple words...

In the docs it is not specified how the controller and/or action ids are when they have multiple words (and so how they appear in the url).

For example a controller class named "UserProfileController" or an action named "actionUserProfile"; How they will appear in the url? Maybe multiple words separated by hypens? Anyway none is specified for this thank you

It would be "userProfile/userProfile". The action ID is case-insensitive if you define it as a controller method. The controller ID is case sensitive if the file system is case sensitive (like Linux).

ok, don't you think it would be better to separate multiple words with hypens or underscore as other frameworok does? I mean for SEO

Yii doesn't limit you from doing that: You can have 'user_profileController' and 'actionuser_profile'. If you think this is ugly, you can extend CWebApplication and CController to use your favorite naming conventions.

you are right many thanks…i discovered this framwork these days and i'm trying it…i come from zend framewrok but i think it is too heavy and bad organised

Welcome! You can still use ZF in Yii. See http://www.yiiframew…ion.integration

Yep there are a lot of ZF (myself also) that think that Zend just put too much into ZF to be just a framework.