Controll/actions Trace In In Application.log

Hi all,

I want to make some controil/actions trace in my app so in app parent Control /protected/components/Controller.php I write :

protected function beforeAction($action)



  $message= 'Called from action '.Yii::app()->controller->id .'/'. Yii::app()->controller->action->id;

  if (!empty($_GET)) $message.= ' $_GET:'.print_r($_GET,true);

  if (!empty($_REQUEST)) $message.= ' $_REQUEST:'.print_r($_REQUEST,true);

  if (!empty($_POST)) $message.= ' $_POST:'.print_r($_POST,true);

  echo '<pre>$message::'.print_r($message,true).'<pre>'; // I see that my line is formed ok

	Yii::log($message, CLogger::LEVEL_TRACE );

And there is no my lines in application.log.

These message is at Application Log block at bottom of page, but that is not enough, as it shows only last action trace message.

In some cases I want to see logging sor several actions, say debugiing login/security actions when app is redirected.

In my config file :


		'class' => 'CFileLogRoute',

		//'levels' => 'trace, info',

		'levels' => 'trace, info, error, warning, vardump',

		'categories' => 'system.*',


	array( // направляем результаты профайлинга в ProfileLogRoute (отображается  внизу страницы)

		'class' => 'CProfileLogRoute',

		//'levels' => 'profile, info',

		'levels' => 'trace, info, error, warning, vardump',

		'enabled' => true,



		'class' => 'CWebLogRoute',

		'categories' => 'application',

		'showInFireBug' => true


Also ff there are some more good tools for my purposes ?