Contribute code to Yii


I had a quick question. I am currently working on a project, for which I have added a small function to an existing Yii framework class(file). I wanted to know how I can contribute this function to Yii?

To make myself a bit more clear, I would like the Yii community to consider this function and if they find it useful to add this function to core Yii framework.I have gone through the contribute page on Yii framework, but sadly it does not speak about contributing to Yii in this way.

Now I am wondering whether what I am speaking about can be done in the first place??

Awaiting replies…

as an extension , you can create an extension right hand side there is a "create Extension" button or you can read this : extending yii

For a function to be included in the core… it should work in all situations for all users… not to be a solution for one problem that you had…