Continuous Integration with CircleCI

I’m pretty close to having a continuous integration setup in CircleCI complete, and I’d be happy to post about it here. However, I’m having one small issue. I’m not a Ubuntu expert by any stretch, so its possible that I’m making a noob mistake, but for some reason it seems like I’m unable to cd into certain directories via my config file (circle.yml). Has anybody had this problem? Specifically, I’m trying to run PHPUnit from my tests folder. I have the following in my circle.yml:




	- sudo pear config-set auto_discover 1

	- mysql circle_test < mydb.sql

	- cd protected/tests

	- phpunit unit/LeadTest.php

	- phpunit functional/SiteTest.php

If i do an ls after cd protected/tests, it lists the top level directories and not the directories in protected/tests - Its like the cd command just isn’t working. Am I missing something in Ubuntu here?