Continous Loggin In Cfilelogroute

Hi everyone,

I’m working on an import/export function for a shop API (it’s Magento and their API is quite slooowwww). Anyhow, logging to a file using Yii:log() is working great but sometimes I wish to see the progress as the log only is written after completion of the job. Is there any setting or some flush command I could add?

In my console.php I use these settings:






			'levels'=>'error, warning, info',




Thanks in advance for your help


You’re looking to just flush the Logs to disk?



 // or to work with logs in php


Thanks for the hint. I totally forgot about CLogger. Your tipp worked of course.

I found $autoFlush and $autoDump in CLogger. So I thought ok, I just create my own Logger extending CLogger and replace those two variables with my own values. But: How can I tell Yii to use my logger for logging in the console.php (or main.php)?

And for me it looks like Yii wants to prevent someone from "real-time" logging. Is there any reason why?

I just found this extension which solved my problem: