Content Slider

There’s a content slider available here. It is derived from this site: madesignuk DOT com

That’s why it’s called MASlider!


  1. showing various pages from different views (a full html page and not only a single picture).

  2. tested in IE and FF.

  3. it’s fine for all monitors (tested in 34 and 916)


$this->widget('application.extensions.maslider.EMASlider', array(

	'headers'	=>	array('Step 1 - Type of Map', 'Step 2 - Map Background', 'Price and Confirmation'),	

	'legends'	=>	array('Make me a map that looks like...', 'I\'d like the background to look like...', 'Here it comes...'),

//	'contents'	=>	array('relative link to view file starting from view root directory', '...', '...'),

	'contents'	=>	array('/home/test1.php', '/home/test2.php', '/home/test3.php', ),



While it’s in incipient state, please let me know your response, if any.