Content of the assets directory

Hi all,

I understand the scope of the assets directory, but I would like to know if its content is automatically cleaned by the framework itself (when exactly?), because its size is incresing at each click I do in the application. Now its already > 25Mb… :unsure:

I’m planning to use Yii for all my future applications and websites but I don’t have an huge amount of disk space available. So I need to know exactly how to manage this aspect.

Thanks in advance for any reply :)

The framework doesn’t clean this directory.

The size of this directory only grows when new asset files are published by some components you used in your application.

Ok, now it’s clear.

Thank you very much qiang, I will check that all the "web accessible" files are really needed.

Just a note: I posted this request in the wrong forum, I’m using version 1.1.0. Sorry for that.

If space is such a problem you could also set up a (cron-)script that cleans assets from time to time, e.g. once a week. Any required content there will get republished on demand. That way you make sure that no files from older versions are hanging around in assets anymore.