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Hi All,

My startup, Contendable, is hiring a one or two Yii developers. I am in the Bay Area to split by time between this and a Sequoia funded startup and my other co-workers are in the Midwest. Although I’m working on another project as well, I’m still putting in 35 hours a week. With our small team, we’re moving fast. We were offered some seed capital from a VC firm to work over the summer, but declined because we don’t need it. Our idea is great and our execution thus far is even better.

So, what are we looking for? Well, we’re hiring for two positions:


[*]Yii Expert

  • Yii expertise with the wiki articles and/or extensions to prove it.

  • Capability to adapt to code that isn’t absolutely perfect. Not everyone is an expert ;)

  • Entrepreneurial attitude

  • Habit of maintaining very good coding practices

  • $30-$40 and hour

[*]Passionate Developer / Entrepreneur

  • Familiarity with Yii, but you don’t need to know it’s inner workings.

  • Development experience

  • Lots of time to devote if need be.

  • Habit of maintaining good coding practices

  • $15-$25 an hour


We prefer developers who are either recent university graduates from top CS schools or are younger, but we’ll consider anyone. In addition, english speakers only.

Email me at zach@contendable with your resume and information to contact. We’ll be doing interviews via skype or in person if your within distance.