Contact Us Form - Admin Email


Just playing around with yii2, wondering where the admin email account is set to receive the emails created when the contact form is submitted.

I did a search for in the codebase and changed several places to go to my email account, but when I submit the form I am not seeing any emails.


it was available under params.php inside config directory

Thanks for the response.

I had changed it there. So might be another reason it is not working (It is on external hosting with a mail server etc).

I will keep looking and post my findings.


Check email component config. I may be in useFileTransport = true mode so instead of actually sending emails it just writes to files.

Thanks for the reply.

That would appear to be the case. I am fairly new to using composor and obviously yii2. My local environment was different to my initialized environment online.

I saw the clear instructions of why it wouldn’t have sent after following your instructions.

But i wasn’t seeing that text when I submitted the form.



Among other things I had forgotten that I had created an instance of a basic and advanced app, and then got confused :s


Given I was on the Contact Us page under frontend, the specific place I had to change the admin email was under:

frontend >> config >> params.php