Contact form shifts container left?

Hi -

I just scaffolded a mostly-static site, with the plan of adding on more capabilities later. I have noticed that the "contact" page makes the entire container shift left somewhere between 5-10 px. The login form is fine, the site index is fine.

I tried to check with firebug but couldn’t see any obvious reason why this would happen - all these pages use the same main.php layout…

the only real tweaks I have done are to the menus - they have their own divs set up to work with a background image - but all the pages have the same menus and they live in main.php

any ideas?


I think it is because the page is longer than the others, so that the scrollbar will be displayed on the right side.

A qiuck fix could be to define the following css style, so that the page doesnt "shift" when going from short to long pages.

[html]body { overflow: scroll; }[/html]

It just makes the scrollbar visible on all pages.