Consume Rest API with Yii2


I want to access and consume a REST API; I got from the provider: OAuth Key, Access Token and user + pass.

All the docs I found are related to how to create an API but nothing (I think) about how to connect, consume etc.

Can someone point me to the right direction?


I think you need to make requests using

Thanks for your answer!

I found this extension, could be the right one?

Yes an no. It is for authentication via OAuth (client one with browser confirmation) and it may call API after authenticated but it depends on if you need server-side auth or not.

This is my first time creating an API client :see_no_evil:

I read the provider docs and looks like I need to use his OpenID Connect access, for what I read in that link I think the extension I mention in my previous message is perfect for it.

Can you take a fast look and just confirm that? Thanks a lot!

It’s not clear from the documentation what you will need to do because there are a number of options. You may need to use OpenID Connect, or just OpenID, or perhaps you don’t need either and can just use a developer API key. So you need to research your use of Spark some more to find your technical requirements.

Yes, you are right, I talked with my client, he will call Spark support, when he have an answer I’ll post here.

Sorry for delay but I just get the answer from the client, Spark confirm: I need to use Access Token Authentication method.

Now Im confuse about it, looks like with the yii2-httpclient is enough? @samdark Can you confirm it? or if someone have another idea I really appreciated the help.


any help with my question?

We have no experience with Spark so can’t confirm it.