Console application trouble

Hi guys,

as i mentioned on other post, i’ve been working on my custom yii2 advanced template. At the same time, i’m making a kind of installer for my template, based on a console command.

In this command, I want to run an specific migration, using the MigrateController, but iIcan’t find on definitive guide how to specify the migration name (or version), i’m using the next code:

$migration = new \yii\console\controllers\MigrateController('migrate', Yii::$app);

		$migration->runAction('to', ['migrationPath' => '@console/migrations/', 'interactive' => false,'migration'=>'m160223_121731_create_tbl_entidad']);

When in run my console command, i get "option --version unknown"

Is this possible? (clearly I know if I run in consle php yii mgirate/to m160223_121731_create_tbl_entidad it will work fine)