Console App Issue With Mssql

When using my Console application with MySQL everything works as it should. However, when I use MSSQL then I keep getting this error:

When using createWebApplication it works with MSSQL, but not when using createConsoleApplication.

My db connection string looks like this:

Is this a bug or have I missed something here??

Hi my friend

Did you set the db connection in config/console.php or config/main.php ?

I tried to set it both in config/main.php and config/console.php. Currently I have my console.php file located in the same directory as index.php. This looks like this:

Then in config/main.php I have the db connection as shown in my previous post. I also created a copy of config/main.php called config/console.php and changed the line above to point to config/console.php but that did not work.

I read somewhere that the console application is by default looking at the settings in config/console.php, but I guess that since the config dirname is defined otherwise in my file, then it is using that path instead. Any ideas of what I have missed here?

Note that there are two console.php in this case. One config file and one where the actual console app starts.

Look at here, may be helps you

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The problem was caused by the fact that the wrong php.ini was being loaded for the console application. In Windows, command prompt, write php --ini and it shows which php.ini is being loaded.

In addition I had to create a separate config/console.php which only contained the db connection string (and not all other config as copied from the main.php).

Thank you KonApaz!