Consistent date format

I’m trying to achieve a consistent date format (different from the default) in a web application.

This includes both date display and date parsing / validation. Additional confusion comes from the fact that CFormatter and CDateTimeParser use different format specifications (‘d.m.Y’ vs. ‘dd.MM.yyyy’ in my case).

Is there a way to adjust the default components from application configuration? Or do I have to create a params[‘dateFormat’] application parameter? Or two of them?

i don’t think there is an application ‘default’ i rather think the default is the PHP one

and if you were reading

you’d see that d.m.Y outputs as 24.02.2011, if you would do dd.MM.yyyy, you would get 2424.FebFeb.11111111

There are some Yii defaults as well. Like here and here. I was wandering if I could somehow change thiese via configuration.