Cons and pros of using Symfony Console

(Schmunk) #21

I second that!

Another thing, maybe slightly OT, but … could we migrate to a syntax like yii ctrl action without the slash? Most CLI tools use this kind of syntax and I can’t remember a single one using a /.

What would be your preferred console syntax?

Actually, I like current syntax and I think it was a huge improvement compared to Yii 1.1 (which uses ./yiic controller action arguments syntax) - it is more consistent with web controllers and how routing in Yii works, so it is much more intuitive for me. It is also much clear what part of the command is a route to action and what part is the action arguments.

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To me the similarity to web controllers was always more confusing than helpful.

How does Symfony Console handle this … AFAIK with a colon :?


AFAIK they don’t have controllers at all, only actions (commands). Using : is only a convention to group commands in namespaces, but there is no restrictions for this (you probably could use / instead). In this context it is simillar to Yii 2 - there is one argument for command name/route.

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@rob006 is correct. There’s a single argument for it in Symfony.

For now I’ve adopted Symfony Console directly. Going to focus on other parts for a while. If you want to take care about having our own interfaces meanwhile, let me know.

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Poll about the syntax: What would be your preferred console syntax?

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I just stumbled upon - would it be possible to integrate it in Yii 3.x or would it rather be a replacement of the console tool?

Bonus question: What’s about Yii 2?

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There are no problems for using Climate with yii2

If yii3 will use symfony-based console see

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Yet another pros for symfony-based console is may be better compatibility/adoption with existed symfony/console decisions

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Is it no problem, that it does not use $this->stdout()?

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Seems i don’t understand you. You want to output climate formatted data via yii $this->stdout()?

You also can do it, for example via buffer


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Nice, thank you!

(jakim) #33

Faster (in implementation) solution at the beginning, with time, if necessary, own implementation.