Connection Reset On Long Urls

Hi there, I have an application built with yii. I have this problem wherein I have a table with 8 filters at least. When I filter at any field, it works. But filtering again at other columns or even clicking the next page throws me no error, but just a connection reset response.

here is the url:[id]//MLeads[name]//MLeads[person]//MLeads[title]//MLeads[designation]//MLeads[email]//MLeads[number]//MLeads[usermaker]/gonzales/MLeads[status]//MLeads_page/2/ajax/leadslist?ajax=leadslist

If I manage to minimize the url, it works. But as it grows longer, it seems to fail all the time.

Please do help! Thanks!

Oh and one more thing, when I do long GET urls on projects not under Yii, (localhost/sample/index.php?id=1&var=a…) it throws no errors.

it may be due to some server limits on query string length, ie. Suhosin patch.

display phpinfo and check for any limits on requests length/size/etc.

Thanks for the info.

However, I believe suhonin patch is only for linux machines. I am running on WAMP. As with the limitations, I could not see any limits or whatsoever in the phpinfo(). Do you have the exact setting variable that I have to find? Thanks!

Well, here we go again…

I managed to fix the issue by making the URL of the paginations to the default get parameter urls (? and &). I did this by placing a ‘appendParams’=>FALSE to the UrlManager of the application.

It is fixed now and hopefully somebody will find this helpful.