Connect Sphinx to MSSQL

Hi guys,

I’m using Yii2 framework and I’m trying connect Sphinx to MSSQL Server the configuration for Sphinx I added in web.php:

'components' => [

    'sphinx' => [

        'class' => 'yii\sphinx\Connection',

        'dsn' => 'mssql:host=.;Database=test;port=9306;',

        'username' => 'sa',

        'password' => 'sa123',



But when I create query using Sphinx I got this error message:

Not Supported – yii\base\NotSupportedException

Connection does not support reading schema information for 'mssql' DBMS.

But when I trying connect to MSSQL Server without using Sphinx it run normally.

Why does I got this error?

I have same problem with postgres. Sphinx exension support only mysql.