Congratulations with new site look!

What a pleasant surprise opening this morning! I am sure this will benefit the name of yii!

Indeed it has been a very nice surprise when I opened the Yii website this morning !! Great work, really … it seems like a new start for Yii ;)

Congratulation to the Yii team !


Very nice work to all involved! The site is looking fantastic!

This is good news. My congratulations to the team.

One minor issue, though: the white background doesn’t cover the full dimension of the pages. Lower part of the pages are transparent to the window background color.


Very nice!!! The new site is great; well done!! :)



Looks nice!

I opened the website to look at the class reference and got amazed by the new web design. Great job guys! Congratulations.

I’m missing the IRC’s chat information under “Community” though. Would be great if more people know about IRC chat and start joining to help, get help or just talk.

Keep it up with the good work :)!

wow what a surprise, great new look!


thanks to Yii Team! The site look fantastic!

The new look is really great!

Congratulations to yii team!

I agree that the site looks awesome. However, does anyone still have a list of the books that were suggested along the right column of the old site’s index? There was a book that addressed web site development design/architecture that I wanted to check out, and now I can’t find any reference on the new site!


Thanks to Yii Team! The site look fantastic!


It’s in the bottom-left part of the website.

Follow-up to my previous post in this thread

Here’s how the start page background looks (partly transparent to window background). Longer pages are even worse, of course.


What is your browser and version? And how is it being configured regarding colors?

WinXP/Firefox 3.6 as well as IE8, openSuse/Firefox 3.6

What makes this happen is setting the operating systems "window background color" to something different than white.


The browser’s color settings are intentionally chosen to be transparent to the OS colors, web pages are allowed to override.


Should be fixed now. Thanks.

Thank you. The pages looks consistent now. Some areas of “my” color wouldn’t look too bad, I think. To me, the combination with the footer color looks good. But since my color vision is less than perfect, I may be wrong about that.


Nice design! Maybe a new favicon too?

It does feature a new favicon - you just need to clear your cache.:)