Confusion: Rbac Authorisation Setup With Current Users Table

hi all,

I’m having a hard time trying to get my head around how to link my users table (userid, username, emailaddress, passhash, validated, etc) to the authassignment, authitem and authchild tables?

I’ve read about the rbac table set ups (but it still eludes me)

all i want to do is have different roles (admin, user, banned, guest, dbadmin, etc)

(so the roles would have many users but the user would have one role)

so do i assign the roles in the authassignment and then link authassignment to userId?

because if i assign users to authassignment then that would have more than one user in the table right?

very confused, are there any simple tutorials on how to setup already setup user tables to the 3 auth tables?

thnaks again, Deian