Confused With Licenses

I am doing a proprietary software for example a webshop. The user is not allowed to resell it, modify it, etc. as whole but he can do whatever he wants with certain parts not written by me like yii framework code, extensions.

I am using some extensions like emenu. The emenu it self released under bsd license. The extension is based on free css drop down framework which released under mit+gpl license.

The question:

Does this licenses apply to my whole webshop or only to the emenu/fcdd framework? So the user can not resell/modify core webshop code written by me but he can do anything with this separate modules.

Yes, in this case the MIT license covers only the Yii Framework, EMenu and other extensions that you use.

For your own proprietary software you need to create a separate software license, in a separate file.

Keep in mind, that if you distribute your software, then you also need to distribute all those other licence files as well (Yii Framework, EMenu, etc.).