Conflit in JXHEditor and GMAP


i have aconflit in JS scripts when i use JXHEditor extension and gmap, exactly when i use the autocompletion of address in the gmap (it use UI autocompletion : gmap3)

the error is :

Unknown property <0>

[Break On This Error] I.toSpan=function(){return new Q(this....n(<img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='B)' />{return b==j&&c||b instanceof a}} 

this JS eror doesn’t eppear untill i write something in the input that is charged to do the autocompletion.

has anyone an idea how can i resolv this ?

You can do two things here…

  1. let it try with a changing a XHeditor with a FCKeditor.

you can configure a FCKeditor from this

  1. Or you can get rid of from this problem by removing a unwanted js or jquery from your view need to include only those js file which are required on this page.

try this and post your feedback or if you get rid of from this problem with a different solution then also post here…cause i had a same problem but i did same as i posted here and that worked for me at that time.

so let it try … :)

Sorry for late :P , i resolv it by changing the JXHEditor by the ckeditor, because i didn’t find any other solution :), bu anywere, it works now, because the ckeditor don’t make a conflit. for the first solution (delete the useless scripts) it doesn’t work because the gmap autoload somescript that are requiredfor map, and cannot be deleted.

Thank you so much ^^