Confirm Dialog not working any more


What was working fine with 1.0.11 is not working with 1.1.7 any more.

I have a checkbox with a confirm dialog.


1.0.11 created the following code:

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

jQuery('#Test_test').click(function(){return confirm('Sure?');});

1.1.7 does write

jQuery(function($) {

jQuery('body').undelegate('#Test_test','click').delegate('#Test_test','click',function(){return confirm('Sure?');});

which is not working.

This should be fixed. Or am I wrong?

As I answered on the issue -

I just tried that… and it works for me…

can you post your code here

I apologize. It is not the core code. The bug does only occur with jformvalidate. I only saw the changed jQuery code and assumed this was the cause. However, jformvalidate in combination with Yii 1.1.7 (but not with 1.0.11) does produce an JavaScript error somewhere (or something similar) so that the jQuery is not executed any more.