Configuring TwilioSMS Extension in Yii1 with Alphanumeric Sender ID Service


I’m using the twiliosms extension for my yii1 project and it’s working perfectly.
However, if I want to use an alphanumeric sender ID service, how can I use it with this library? I tried but failed to do so. Can anyone help me with this?
Any piece of code as an example would be great help!

Thanks in advance

Twilio says, you can set a custom text string instead of using an E.164 formatted Twilio Phone number by setting the “From” value with a String.

$client = new Services_Twilio($sid, $token);
$message = $client->account->sms_messages->create(
  'P-Hub Ltd.', // From 
  '+14159352345', // Text this number
  "Hello! Your p0**hub-account was verified!"

Thank you for replying.

I already tried this but it didn’t work.
Instead, I created a messaging service on Twilio, enabled alphanumeric sender ID on it and specified it, then associated it with my Twilio number.
In my code, I put the messaging service sid in the “from” parameter.
Worked perfectly.