Configuring Gii in an backend-based yii structure

Hello. About this wiki ( ) , how may I configure Gii module in /backend/config/main.php in order to works fine in a backend structure like the mentioned wiki?

Is there any extra configuration to use a Gii for frontend, and a Gii for backend?


I don’t know if this is a method, but in frontend Gii, when creating a model, you can set a model path (like application.backend.models ). So, the problem is when creating controller or crud. In that 2 cases, there is not any field in order to set the path to target directories.

How can I set target directory in order to be created the controller or crud in backend directory?

i am getting error on every CRUD page

Error 500

The table "{{tag}}" for active record class "Tag" cannot be found in the database.

i install new yii 1.14 version. ? anybody have idea how to solve this problem …