Configure Yii to use themes

I read the documentation but it didn’t seem very clear to me.

So i’m supposed to set the main.php file to use themes.

Ok, what exactly do I do?

Can I also delete the view and layout folders that are outside the themes folder?

use, in config

'theme'=>'theme name'

for example

'name'=>'My Web Application',


that doesn’t work, it’s still reading the files from protected/views

ah sorry, I had put the code in params at the bottom

Is it working?

Why put it in params? It should be in the first level of the array. Say you decided to user the theme ‘basic’, you should have something like this as your folder structure:




    --classic   //this is the default theme











And your application is set to use your main.php under your chosen theme.

Yes, it works! Thanks a lot.