Configure SluggableBehavior for Other Languages


I managed SluggableBehavior and it works in English.

But i can’t get it to work in Persian, For example if i write “مطلب اول”, the slug field in database will remain empty. (I’m looking for something like “مطلب-اول”)

I want to know why is that ? How can i fix that ?


Do you have intl installed?

Thanks for response,

Now i installed php5-intl package and when i put "مطلب اول", the slug behavior generates "mtlb-awl".

I think it’s trying to generate a phonetic-like slug, i mean “مطلب اول” in persian, sounds like “matlab-awal” in english ( phoneticly ).

Why is that ?

That’s how it’s defined in intl. We’re relying on it.