Configuration arrays autocomplete

I think it would be nice to have autocomplete and syntax check in configuration PHP arrays (Those used in config/* and for example for widgets, dataProviders and more in Yii).

Of course PHPStorm plugin it an option, but complex one, at least for PHP programmer.

This is a possible solution:

return GridView::widget([

	GridView::CONF_DataProvider => $dataProvider,

	GridView::CONF_DataColumns => [


			DataColumn::CONF_Attribute => 'company_name',

			DataColumn::CONF_Format	=> 'test',

			DataColumn::CONF_Label	=> 'Company name'



                   'class' => 'yii\grid\ActionColumn',

                    ActionColumn::CONF_Template => '{view} {update} {delete}'




Or may be there is a better option? This requires modification of framework code, so would be nice hear from maintainers, of course if there is such need I will be glad to update framework code.

Hm, It can be solved actually right away with generated file for IDE.