Composite Key

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I have used Multiple primary keys in Table. I have old CRUD which is modified for composite key fields. Then I will change view,update and delete page by these inputs.

[/left]I have attached my controller page. My url link made as like : localhost:8080/HRMgnt/index-test.php?r=mstpayroll/update&id[EmployeeId]=1001&id[Month]=May&id[Year]=2014&id[ClientID]=1 at the update time. Then it will show me error :

Error 400

Your request is invalid.

Please tell what wil be the wrong in code.


Have you written this code in your AR class ?

change according to multiple primary key :)

public function primaryKey()


return 'id';

// For composite primary key, return an array like the following

// return array('pk1', 'pk2');