Composer support?

How about composer support to yiic and mandatory for extensions?

I’m evaluating it and it looks like a good idea. Alternatives are:

  1. Use your own package manager.

  2. Use another package manager.

A post from the creators explaining the "What & Why" of project:

Looks very promising :)

Yes, I saw it. Yii2 is PSR-0 compatible so using this package manager will not be a problem. The only question is should it be official one or not.

Umh… Composer requires PHP v5.3+. Isn’t Yii 2.0 supposed to require v5.2+? How much of a problem would that be?

Yii 2 will require 5.3 as well.

That’s the advantage, by including it in the core we enforce some rules in the extensions community and an easy way to install them.

Because we can use it with yii right now, if someone want’s it.

Composer really looks like a great idea. :)

Sounds very similar to the approach jQuery is taking for plugins.

if you skip down to the "nuts and bolts" bit:

It could be based on it so that it can be compatible on a lower level, but I want would like to have added support for module/extension specific migrations. :)

+1 for Composer.

I think that could be advantageous for us(at least for avoiding dependency hell), so +1 for this idea.


as for repository management tool, all alternatives should be objectively considered.

Options currently might be:


[*]Composer (wrapper for phar extension)

[*]PHPCR (

As far as I understand, this is a PHP port of original standardized Java web content repository system.


[*] own Yii designed repo management tool




I think Composer is primary candidate to be a “package manager”. It’s very configurable, already has fast-growing repo.


Frontend for PHPCR is still composer ;)

PHPCR is something entirely different as it defines an API that covers the storage needs of a CMS (essentially a NoSQL DB with versioning, tree/graph traversal, ACLs and full text search).

FYI, I let the composer core team know about the interest. Unfortunately they of course cannot access this forum, so they cannot comment. If you have questions or concerns, I guess you know how to get in touch with them.


I support the composer approach. +1