Composer does not work

I try to install yii with composer but I notice that composer does not work with xampp and php 7.4.3 at my windows (7 as I know).
There is a fatal error at my command line and I can not copy it here,it is about fxp/composer/assetplugin/repository/absractasetrepository::search($copy,$mode=0) must be copatible with composer/repository/composerrepository::search($copy,$mode=0,$type=null) ,the error is at 101 line of C:\Users\Dimis\AppData\Roaming\Composer\vendor\fxp\composer-asset-plugin\Repository\AbstractAssetsRepository.php
I this it is $this->searchable = (bool) $this->getOption($repoConfig[‘asset-options’], ‘searchable’, true);
What is wrong?

I managed to fix it with another error at the code.
I managed to install the basic template.

What was the issue?

I change the code,it seems to be a bug,as I remember I change the fxp/composer/assetplugin/repository/absractasetrepository::search,I add another arqument to be as composer class (as the error at the previous post says)